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[IC] Cosmo60 - Stacked Acrylic Board w/ a Space Theme


Cosmo60 Acrylic

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by :)

My friend and I have been working on this board for awhile now and we’re finally ready to show it off to you guys.
This is the Cosmo60, it's a stacked acrylic board that we designed with a space motif in mind.

Front View (White)

Side View (White)

Back View (Acrylic)

Render Gallery

Currently we’re in the process of ordering a prototype and choosing color options so we’re open to suggestions!
Let us know if you're interested by filling out our...
IC Form

Board Features
Gasket Mounted
Typing Angle: 5.7 degrees
Front Height: 24mm
Underglow RGB
QMK Support, ESD Protection

Included In Kit
Stacked Acrylic Case
Stacked Acrylic Feet
FR4 Plate
Custom Hotswap PCB
M3x0.5 screws
M3x0.5 standoffs

Planned Color Options: Frosted, White, Black, Navy Blue
Pricing: TBA but we’re aiming for a starting price of 145$, but it'll likely be less
GB Date: TBA

Join our discord to stay updated on the board & follow its progress!

(We'll also be in the comments answering any questions you have, so ask away!)

Big Thanks To
Laminar, Marius from the Keyboard Atelier discord server for patiently helping us with our plate and gasket tab designs.
Suzu and ht12345, also from Keyboard Atelier, for picking apart our pcb design and helping us make the wire traces cleaner.
ai03 and his keyboard designer's wiki

Hmmm this has my attention....
Because my name is Cosmo :D


--- Quote from: cosmo10292 on Mon, 24 January 2022, 15:05:09 ---Hmmm this has my attention....
Because my name is Cosmo :D

--- End quote ---

Hahaha perfect



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