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Your Black Friday List 2022

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Micro Center never fails to surprise me.

yea... you could get one of those, but used T460s are wayyy gooder'

Adding to the list, maybe Polk ES20 @ ~200 ish, even though we damn well know they're really only worth $150, historic low for previous S20 series was ~$150.

happy to say that there's nothing i want to buy this year! maybe i'll do some light clothing shopping, need a solid waterproof jacket.

Another 10-14TB drive, whatever my son wants for christmas, and a Timing Belt/Waterpump service for my '02 4Runner.  I would love to update my GPU in my rig, but we'll see how the live benchmarks of AMD's offerings fare as I think they will trade punches with the over-priced 4080.


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