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[IC] Vices Keycap Set (Alcohol, Pot, Shrooms, Dice, Women, Cigar)

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This is an interest check for a 6-keycap set that I've named the Vices Set. The purpose here is to fine tune the original concept and design, add new suggestions, and see how many people would be interested in this set. I've tentatively been planning on these replacing the Insert, Home, PgUp, etc., keys but that may change depending on what you all want.

If anyone has other colors they'd like to see let me know.

On white keys:

on black keys:

With cards instead of dice:

on black keys:

Per Techno Trousers suggestion here's the set in colors matching the upcoming Miami cap set.

and on pink caps

I have no experience designing keycaps so I welcome all suggestions. If anyone has a silhouette for any of these vices that they believe looks better I would love to see it. The resolution of each cap is 550x550, I'm not sure if that is high enough for keycap printing but it wouldn't be hard to scale up.

I'm interested in potential keycap materials and printing methods that would do these keys justice.

If there is enough interest hopefully someone more experienced can run the group buy, but if not I am willing to do the research and run it myself.

I'm not really interested in this set but I just wanted to give you props for your motivation and making moves. Hopefully this will actually turn into a GB. Good luck man!

Definitely interested... How about an acid key, like a blotter tab or something. ;)

Some of these have been done:

Beer -
Weed -,_non-toasted,_colors_unknown.JPG
Dice -
Women -

But a set could be cool if done right.  Those images would only work as a dye sub unless they were simplified.

There was that woman key which was a window key and the LED shined through it, think it was a ducky key, does anyone remember this? Also the key could be made using that material (again someone jump in here) that Techkeys use to make the Nuke and Cone Keys?


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