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1) Price
2) I found that 3.2 oz was more than enough. I previously bought that amount from GupGup and its a good amount. Enough that I can use it for a lot of projects but it's not a whole pound.
3) I really like .020".

1) Undecided. It can sometimes be cumbersome to always have to apply flux as well and you need to do more things/have more hands but if the difference is that large, bring on the flux.
2) Some amounts which fits neatly within the limits of shipping postage. International buyers might want a bit larger as to not have to buy too many times. 4-5 oz?
3) I like them larger. Although a bit delicate, I have managed to solder some smaller components with 0.03" and it also works nicely for larger cables and higher current applications. I don't have to feed as much of it in case of larger joints either. I'd prefer if it was 0.02-0.03"

ok, i've done some research. if price point is it, then give me a price!

also, i'm not going to vend ****ty solder. i've been using my old stock kester long enough to give in to the reality that the flux is mildly active at best.

Bah, around 20-25$ shipped to Canada? Am I in a good range? Lowe would b nice, but I would prefer some quality still.


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