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Faster Firefox

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It's in development now, but it won't be out for a couple of months.  There is an article on Gizmodo on it (I can't link to it, because WebSense categorizes Gizmodo as "sex").  I think there was one on ArsTechnica, too, but I can't find it now that they changed their site up.

They probably categorize it as Sex because Gawker Media does have a couple sex blogs.

Send an e-mail to Websense, though, requesting that they recategorize Gizmodo, as it's technology-related. (And Jalopnik is probably blocked too, and is automotive-related.)

Google Chrome set to release for Mac this summer (Ars Technica)

Yeah, we'll see if it happens. I gave up on Google's Mac development years ago. And besides, I actually like FireFox. So how is Chrome? I've never even seen it.

Lightweight and fast.  TAbbed, feels a bit like opera.


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