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why is the market rising?

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Remember, too, lost jobs means more money (or less lost money) to shareholders in the form of cost cutting. :(  Thus, perhaps, the blip.  Don't try to understand the stock market, just accept.  Good husbands have already figured this out with their wives.

The market can go up or down on any given day for any reason.  ALL market changes reflect the overall expectations of those buying and selling the stocks.  An upward trend at this point means either they recognize that the market over corrected down and they are righting that, or that the economy has bottomed and will be turning around soon, which is better times for owning shares of a corporation.  Following it day-to-day will drive you nuts.  If you want to follow it in any meaningful way, check it every month.  =-D

the blip continues today... apparently on more news of bailout details, though I doubt it will pass as is.  Soros meanwhile is shorting the euro, so he's not buying into any of the optimism anyway. If I had any guts I'd short the market right now, but I'll just wait and see. There's no trend on the moving averages yet.

sell gold

buy lead and brass


--- Quote from: cmr;20048 ---sell gold

buy lead and brass
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sounds bullish. I'm still quite a bit bearish!


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