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Just finished building my second MX Brown board, a work board for my significant other. Aside from Topre, MX Brown on a PCB with no plate is perhaps the most comfortable switch out there in my opinion -- all of the light feeling of an MX Red (or rather, an ergo 62g~ish MX Black) with very light tactility to give your fingers the ability to subconsciously slow down a bit before bottoming out, without the burden of getting over a large tactile bump like Clears to actually actuate. I find Browns far easier to type without bottoming-out on than any other switch because of the near-linear force curve while still physically registering actuation.

Alps SKCL are very close, oddly enough. The way the leaf is structured on Alps linears gives an even less-perceptible amount of tactility, just a slight increase in friction for only the most discerning of fingers.


I have a bunch of PCB mount ones from a G80-8200. I'm gonna build my Jane v2 half plate with them I think.

It seems most people like heavier switches, but I like very light switches. Reds and browns are my favorites for that reason. I also have the very light Hall effect switches from the XMIT massdrop which most people disliked. I type in the 100-125 WPM range depending on the complexity of the text and definitely find it easier with light switches.

Have you guys tried Hako Violets?  I like browns a lot and I feel like they are very nice.

I don't like how many people think a bigger bump means the switch is automatically better designed. sometimes its nice to have a small bump like in the browns


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