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What your fav mouse?

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I switched from a Logitech Performance MX to a Deft Pro wireless trackball and I don't think I'll be going back to regular mice any time soon. It's more comfortable and efficient to use, extra buttons are programmable via Steermouse, and I find the trackball to be more accurate than the MX after a few adjustments. The only thing I miss is that nice Logitech wheel with hyperfast scrolling...

Yeah Logitechs newer wheels are certainly excellent to use, it really is too bad I haven't found a whole package among their mice I like.

After using the Pro X Superlight for a while, I went back to the G Pro Wireless which is my current preferred mouse.

I find that the Superlight feels hollow because of it's size to weight ratio. The mouse button panels flex to the side when pressed hard which indicates that the plastic is quite thin, and the Omron white dot microswitches don't feel as snappy as the Omron blue dots of the old GPW.

The GPW is perfectly balanced for me in terms of weight, shape and button feel.

FK1, it is just a nice simple mouse.

Logitech m331, i think


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