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KBD8X MKIII - Gateron Oil King switches and PBTfans Dolch Key Caps

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Lovely to see that the KBD8X still delivers. Thanks for the write-up!

The mark 2 was one of my favorites for the price, and this looks like an improvement across the board.

Longer term follow-up.  I have now had this board for several months and have 3 additional boards to compare it to.  I've rotated several different keycaps and switches... ultimately returning to the Dolch keycaps but now have kept the tactile DS White Jade switches in this board (but Oil King linear in the space bar).  I have all the foams in and the board makes a great poppy sound.  At ~6lb. it also stands out as very heavy board next to my others.  I think it really holds its own versus other value boards and likely a few higher end boards.  Once my higher end Neson 810E (1800) shows up it is hard to say how this board will fit in and be used sitting next to a 65% and 40% (and 100%).   I'm sure I'll rotate it in longer term for diversity.  Right now my 40% seems to get much attention in the honeymoon phase + my trying to master layers.  Interestingly, I moved the Oil King switches to the Vicious40, despite my being inefficient with them in wpm and accuracy vs. tactiles.  I'm now just waiting for Keycult to pick me in the upcoming raffle.


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