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Ever since I saw the pictures of the Korean metal/aluminum keyboard it has been on my to get list. Finally I got a chance to obtain this brilliant work of art from Korea. While it wasn't cheap, I think it is worth every cent I paid for this piece. Looking back, it has certainly been a long journey since the day I started out roughly 1 year ago. From reaper's review, he quoted a man saying that you would throw away all the other keyboards. It's not the case for me. I still love all my other keyboards, but this thing is definitely a cut above the rest.

This keyboard originally sold for $275 including the SoWaRe keycaps and switches. The person I got from decided to use blue switches with it, and that is the current configuration of this keyboard. However, he did missed out one part. This spacebar switch has to be heavier. When used with the Cherry Corp Space bar, it does not come up. I have since modded it to a heavier spring.

The SoWaRe keycaps itself, to paraphrase sixty's description, was a SP order for the WYSE keycaps. But the color scheme got mixed up, and it ended with this, which looks brilliant. However, I do not like the RGB letterings. There is little contrast between the RGB and the Grey color.

I don't know who started out with the special feet, but it looks really nice. Without the feet, you'd definitely need some sort of a slope to the case, or something similar to litster's solution to obtain a nice slope on the keys.

A view of what's underneath the keys. It says "Powered by OTD", but the full view is obstructed by the metal plate. To the most right, there's a DIP switch. I do not know what it does, but based on what I read/look around, it's to switch between PS/2 or USB soldered onto the PCB. Looking at the metal plate, we can see some holes being cut in between the keys. This is said to reduce the plate resonance.

Teardown of the keyboard was done. Nothing special with the plate except the anodized color. But if you noticed, there are special edges at specific places around the metal plate. This will be explained later.

The PCB view.

Keyboard feet

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The usage of the bumps on the plate is presumably to hold the plate with the outer case. An elegant solution to hold the plate in place.

Finally, this is the view of the individual shell parts. 3 Aluminum pieces milled to achieve this. No special designs on the shell, except the curves on the shell and the locking tabs to hold the metal plate in place.

That's the end of this review.

Wow, very nice keyboard, and I really want one of those, but I like many things I want, I doubt they are even available and if they are there is probably a hefty sum attached. I assume this is also your video??


You should order a
to get RGBY symbols for the modifiers,
or the
to get RGBY modifiers.

LOL 7bit with his crazy advertising

Damn you 7bit. Now you make me want one.

That is not my video. I didn't make any videos.


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