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Food Inflation

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Prices have gotten noticeably bad here in the US. Everything across the bored has gone up by multiple dollars over the last decade or so, getting particularly bad with the accelerator that is the pandemic.

How has food inflation hit other countries, or your area? Has it made a noticeable difference in your budget and spending? Where do you see this going in the future?
It is getting to the point where in some more expensive cities, middle-class families are needing to go to food banks and apply for stamps. Will food eventually become something only the wealthy can afford, while the rest of us survive on a semi-nutritional  grey paste?

The turkey bacon at the grocery store used to be 1.99, now its usually 4 bucks, maybe 3 bucks on sale and the portion sizes are smaller too. All the dollar snacks also went up from like a 0.80, a buck to 1.50 bordering on 2.

Very sad, eat less donuts, haven't bought bacon in a long time now that I think about it. Usually, I go for a massive pack of dollar hotdogs. Very processed and unhealthy, but I like it.

Food cost bout 1.5x,

Buhhh Tp4 only eats cabbage, beans and rice, so it's not a huge bump in total.

Right now the average has been nearly 7% increase annually

Yeah, UK is the same. Things are 100-200% more expensive.
Everything in average. Cheese, ham, eggs - went up and thing is you won't notice small raises when you are shopping, only the total on your receipt will be a lot higher for same stuff.
Generalising, few years ago I had full trolley of weekly groceries/chem for around 80. Today its around 160.


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