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Black Friday GPU Hunt

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So,  it looks like.

7900xtx ~$850ish possible

7900xt ~$680-700 very possible

6950xt ~$480-550

Ray tracing.

4070ti is the only game in town, and even then it's badly priced. $690-700 possible.

It's way slower than 7900xt  in Raster.

3080ti is also a choice for RT specific titles. $500-550ish used.  But it doesn't hold a candle in Raster vs 7900xt or 6950xt

4080-4090, doesn't really matter what the discounts are, the NVIDIA TAX is the bulk of it.

What are you guys holding out for ??


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Mon, 20 November 2023, 12:19:40 ---What are you guys holding out for ??

--- End quote ---
Almost bought a 3070 TI, multiple times but I'm waiting for December when all the people who upgraded in November cause used prices to drop.

It's already started just not in full force yet.

As for 40 series, ray tracing blah blah blah... Actually my bigger problem with 40 series is power draw, I don't want have that much heat dumping into my house. Maybe late next year when I can afford to install a mini-split a/c unit or remote cooled water cooling, but not before then.

You can get the midea-u shape, it's almost as good as mini split, and WAY LESS hassle.

Feeling like 6950xt is the best priced at the moment  for "New" at $550 microcenter

3080Ti going for $550ish on ebay if you neeeeed the raytracing.

Prices are moving.

7900xtx was $780 today on newegg with something something 15% microsoft cash back.


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