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[IC] Muramasa - The Longestboi - Prototypes made!!

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Muramasa - The Longestboi - Prototypes made!!

Since getting into prebuilt mechanical keyboards, I have always had a fondness for big boi keyboards - such as full sizes or TKLs.

Coming into the hobby, I have had my fair share of big boards - tons of TKLs - but I always thought: Can I go even bigger?

Introducing the Muramasa - a XT-FRL + numpad longboi.
(PS this is also part of an attempt to get my colleague into mech keyboards, since he won't shut up about how he "needs a numpad".)


- 9 degree angle
- Adjusted front height of 17.8mm
- Materials: 6063 Aluminum (top&bottom case), Brass (weight)
- Top mount, two piece plate (considering 5052 Aluminum / PP / FR4)
- Three piece brass weight (also considering weight-less option)
- 2505g unbuilt
- Bezels: 8mm(top/down), 5mm(left/right)

PCB Support
- Supports: full/split backspace, full/split right shift, full/split left shift, ISO, ANSI, 10u/7u/6.25u bottom row, F107 layout, and different numpads

- These are renders, see below for prototype photos!

Mounting method
- Top mount with separate plates for the 60%+XT area and nav cluster+numpad.
- I wanted a softer typing experience & inspired by the glare, I thought this would be an interesting mounting method.
- Plate options are as follows: ANSI full / ANSI half / ISO full / ISO half, in 5052 Aluminum / FR4 / PP

Layout options
- I'm considering offering the top case in two different layout options - "Vintage" & "New-Age"
- Vintage will be a F107-style layout, with winkey & the nav cluster all cut out (as pictured on the left)
- New-age will be standard WKL (as pictured on the right)

- Yes, I suck at taking photos.
- Engravings are only on my personal unit, though i will consider other themed engravings for the production version.
- As you can see, keebmat doesn't fit kekw
- Pictured with WOB & GMK Handarbeit
- Waffle towels FTW
- These are test fit units, still missing PCBs...

Issues that are being fixed:
- type-c port is widened just a bit to maximize compatibility
- changed depth of screw points
- added ribs to promote stability in the bottom case (weight section)
- plates are being fixed (minor incorrect measurements)

What's next?
- This post is used to gauge the interest of the community, but either way I will be getting prototypes made. Expect updates to come in the future.
- I plan to open source this project at some point, after I make the prototype and make sure I iron out the details.
- Going forward, a GB maybe possible, or even an internals(PCB+plate) GB (for people who want to machine their own)
- I've done some preliminary budgeting for this project. If there is a GB, I'm aiming for something like $480 @ 100MOQ / $650 @ 25MOQ.

Thank you!

- Thanks for all the kind words, including keyboard friends who have filled out the IC form.
- When I open source the project, I will also include version with no weights to hopefully help with cost saving.

Here's a (hopefully)cool signature:

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good god

Very cool! Have you considered making the board longer?

I think you could fit 5 more keys

Fantastic! I was curious what could become longer than my W1 or Calliope, and now I finally have an answer! Lovely design


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