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[IC] GMK 3077 (Previously Brown on Beige)

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GMK 3077 (Previously Brown on Beige)

I've decided to overhaul this IC with new sample colours from GMK. I've also taken all the feedback and changed the kitting slightly to better accommodate for everyone's needs. Hopefully most people will be happy with the new kits :')

The inspiration for this set was the OG Cherry dyesub keycaps from the NCR G81-3077SAU, that had faded to a nice brown colour.

IC Form     Discord

Base Kit

Hangul Alphas

Num Row


Colour Codes

Alphas - Custom colour matched
Mods - Custom colour matched
Legends - RAL8017

I sat at Geonworks with a GMK colour ring and his NCR G81-3077SAU comparing the two and we both came to the conclusion that CB and L9 more closely matches the NCR.

I originally planned to run 3K alphas since I really like the colour contrast but decided to go with the more original one instead.

Let me know in the IC form if you would like to see 3K alphas instead. Photo will be in the form.

I ended up purchasing the Dyesub keycap set and sending GMK the physical samples to colour match off. When I got the samples they were a little off so now I'm waiting for the 2nd round of samples.


Mekibo - North America
Cafege - Australia
Geonworks - South Korea
Maamaadei - Malaysia/Singapore
Oblotzky - Europe
Prototypist - United Kingdom - Taiwan
ZFrontier - China
Aiglatson Studio - Thailand


Base - $115USD
Hangul Alphas - $49USD
Hangul Num Row - $35USD
Spacebars - $25USD

Renders by Masje_

Horangi60 HHKB

Horangi80 WKL

Horgo Ergo TKL


I'll also be releasing a limited number of these fullsize keyboards and sell them together with the GMK set.
If there's demand, I'll increase the number of units.
Please let me know in the IC if you are interested.


- Taiwan, EU, China, and Malaysia vendors added.
- Custom colours for the alphas and mods from GMK standard colours. Physical samples were provided.
- Kitting expanded to 5 kits instead of the All in one Base and Hangul Alphas (Num row, Extensions, Spacebars)
- Removal of Extensions kit and moved basic 3 key 40s support to base and 1.75, 1.5u, 1.25u, 1u spacebars moved to spacebars kit
- Pricing adjustment with estimated sales numbers
- Added a 2nd 1u alt to the base kit
- Added accent ISO

First.... I love TTT & Cafege

Very cool ThiccyBoi. Any r4 bottom row avail tho?

More Beige More Better.

Love the design and can't wait to pick up a set.

Keep up the good work Johnge, been waiting for you to finally drop this ic for a while.


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