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[IC] W70 (65%+) | GB live on May 20th 2024

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A keyboard with car tail light

designed by WPJ

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From the Designer WPJ:

Hello everyone, there are indeed many excellently designed kits on the market, making it increasingly challenging for us to innovate.
However, driven by our passion for keyboards, we still wanted to showcase some unique design elements.
Hence, we initiated this project in 2022. Over the course of more than a year, we iterated, tested and refined repeatedly, ultimately achieving a keyboard kit that satisfies us the most


W70 Intro video

Table of Contents

1. design inspiration
2. Specifications
3. Color & Renders
4. Photos
5. Production progress & Price Range
6. Vendors
7. Reviews from Creators

1. The design inspiration comes from the tail lights of the car tail light from my favorite anime. 
As a result, we added a car tail light design at the front end of the keyboard - a tail light that can illuminate.

The First prototype showcases the light effects.
We have also been continually improving the design of the light, making it more aesthetically pleasing.
And, of course it supports QMK.

We redesigned the arrangement of the front lights on the keyboard, making them look more appealing

We have prepared two tyupes of light baffle for the special edition of the W70. One made of aluminum with perforations and the other made of semi-transparent acrylic material.

Aluminum light baffle

Semi-transparent acrylic PC light baffle

2. Specifications:

1. Layout: 65%+
2. Mounting Styles: Top, Gasket, Suspension (its like a car suspension)
3. Case: 6063 Aluminum, with Anodized, Spray-coated
4. Hot-swap PCB: 1.6mm non flex-cut PCB, Hotswap, QMK/VIA support. Stepped Caplock support. 7u spacebar
5. Solder PCB: 1.6mm non-flex-cut PCB, Solder, support most layouts. No foams no Plate build
7. Dimensions: 341.5mm x 126.9mm
8. Kit Weight: 2.14KG
9. Full hidden Screws
10. Stainless steel and copper weight

Note: Whats in the kit box

1. Special edition has two types of light baffle, Aluminum and Acrylic
2. Regular edition only has Acrylic baffle.
3. The special edition features a themed badges, while the regular edition comes with a plain badge.
4. We would like to offer 4 different plates (PC,POM.FR4,Aluminum) in our kit, that you can try them all in one kit, no extra need to purchase.
5. We would like to offer 2 types of PCB in our kit: Hot-swap 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB and Solder 1.6mm non flex-cut PCB.
6. Plates and foams are only works for Hot-swap PCB
7. Solder PCB we designed for no foam no plate build.


Hot-swap PCB Layout:

7U space bar

3+1+3 space bar

Step Cap

Solder PCB Layout:

3. Color & Renders:

After IC2.0, many colors weren't well-received by many friends. Therefore, after everyone's votes, we decided to keep only few colors finally.

We tried to work with several factories to test the case color processes, and in the end, we chose the best one!

Special Editions

Special edition 1: Car Tail Light    |    Special Edition 2: Mech Purple    |    Special Edition 3: Mech Blue   

Dual-color Editions

Green & Gold   |   White & Red    |    Red & Black    |    Yellow & Black  |  Pink & White

Single-color Edition

Black    |    Milky Purple    |    McFlurry    |    Soy Milk   |    White   


Production Progress and Price Range

We believe many friends are tired of the long wait for group buys, so to shorten the waiting time, we have preprared a limited number of W70 kits this time. We have already started the kit production in advance. As of now, we have completed the CNC process. After the group buy opens, we will proceed with the coloring process based on the orders received. This way , we anticipate completing deliveries in a shorter timeframe.

All accessories for our W70 are specially customized, including screws, feets and other small parts. We aim to present a high-quality kit to all friends. While ensuring quality, we are also working hard to minimize costs and hope to bring the price down to an acceptable range.

The price for the special edition will be around 450 USD
the regular edition ( dual color and single color ) will be around 420 USD.

Special edition has special badge and 2 light baffles.
All editions will include 4 types of Plates (PC, POM, FR4, ALU)
All editions will include 2 types of PCB (Hot-swap 1.6mm Non flex cut PCB and Solder 1.6mm non Flex cut PCB)



I strongly suggest having versions of the PCB and plate without flex cuts. Many of us would prefer a stiffer, more resonant plate and PCB.

--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Sat, 13 January 2024, 01:07:00 ---I strongly suggest having versions of the PCB and plate without flex cuts. Many of us would prefer a stiffer, more resonant plate and PCB.

--- End quote ---

Good point, I've taken note of it

really cool idea and aesthetics, front height is way too high for me though

overall really like the aesthetic of this board and i think its a great concept but id love the option for left side macro keys


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