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[IC] Osidian TKL Carrara Marble Kit

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Hello GeekHack! We are Osidian, a small team of keyboard enthusiasts from Toronto, Canada. We specialize in creating mechanical keyboards crafted of unique materials like marble & quartzite. We aim to create a full line of stone crafted keyboards of many different variations of colours and designs.

Included In Kit:

- Carrara marble casing
- Magnetic white ABS top plate with stainless-steel emblem
- Adhesive white ABS frame
- 1.5mm brushed stainless-steel switch plate (silicone gasket mount)
- 3.5mm Poron plate foam
- PicoEZmate cable

Colour option/finish:

- Carrara white (more colourways being tested)

PCB & Daughterboard:

- Compatible with Cannonkeys Bastion TKL F12 Hotswap/Solder (F13 not included)
- Cannonkeys S1 Unified Daughterboard required
- Please note: The PCB & Daughterboard are currently not included in the kit
- Assembled with our PicoEZmate cable provided in the kit


- Fully assembled approx. 7 LBS / 3.17 KGS


- Typing angle: Feet in final testing stage (8 degree typing angle)
- Front length & width: 375mm x 149mm
- Case height: 20mm (no feet)
- Assembled height: 25mm (no feet)

Component Photos

Interest Check Form


Thanks so much for your time and interest! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts down below.Best regards,Osidian

wow im impressed, this is the cleanest keyboard ive seen in a while and its MARBLE. i cant wait to get my hands on one of these.

Unbelievably cool looking keyboard. I would really love to hold it in hands :)

Wow, to have the honor of posting right after two first time shill posts is something I don't get the honor of every day. Hope to see more shill accounts after this <3 <3 <3

what is the benefit of using a steel plate... is it a sound thing? i thought we were past that


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