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I am Zhao from Keyreative

KAT Mizu's fulfillment is underway and our production capacity has been improved. Please click on:
[KAT]Mizu Shipping Notice; Regarding Reverse Dye-sub; and Factory Update

We expect customers from all over the world to receive our doubleshot keycaps in March.

In 2023, we expect to work together with more designers and vendors, so we are launching our Free Sample Project.

We would like to recruit 50 designers and vendors worldwide and we will send you our latest samples (keycaps, switches, and other related products) from time to time, for free.
The first batch of samples we will be showcasing our different manufacturing process. It will include: regular dye-sub, reverse dye-sub, ABS+UV Printing, PBT Doubleshot, and some hybird process keycaps. We will also include a full 87-key WOB KAT doubleshot PBT set.

We will also release our 3D assets of KAT and KAM and font designs to partners.
If you are interested, please click on the link below to submit your info.

We will review your submission within 72 hours and will ship within 5 days after passing the review.

We will give priority to submissions from designers and vendors with group buy experiences.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

IDK about becoming a designer (there's not a link below BTW & if it's on xbigcat ???)

But, feel like options for media controls are really limited.  I had signature plastics send me these:

I know I'd like better availability of keys with these kinds of legends in more colors and doubleshot.
Also, the 2.0 POS size is dramatically underserved.  there's single post 2.0 but, that wouldn't work for applications like mine.
personally I'm controlling my DAW and I really like the idea of a big 2.0 POS with a nice red "record" symbol -maybe fancy variations


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