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As many of you seem interested in (even) more Korean aluminum cases, I have worked real hard to obtain these.  I do not even speak the Korean language, but I went out of my way for the last 2-3 weeks to make this happen.  I cannot announce things that I am not sure is going to happen.  The KMAC leader just announced this week on KBDMania that we are working together.  I will bring more Korean aluminum cases, and he will be my provider for Cherry keycaps.

Here are the options:

KMAC 2: Titanium
KMAC 1.2: Silver, Titanium, and Red

Silver and Titanium are the original colors.  Red is a new color they decided to use.

KMAC Pad: Titanium, (Silver?)

Please discuss here if you are interested.

I will also be providing switches, stickers, and springs.  Alaricljs is my right hand man, and he will be providing soldering services.

Included Parts:

Assembled with blox(I believe the blocks was changed to match the color of the case after listening to their fans):



Inb4 Prof poops his pants :)) very nice Sherryton. :)

Very nice!!

would like to get a silver kmac 1.2

Well you know me. :)
Kind of want titanium 2 and red 1.2

Now that I see a kpad on the list....KMAC 2 with Kpad would just be amazing.

Any pictures..?


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