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BSP PBT Dye-Sublimation Sets

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We are going to be offering the BSP PBT Dye Sublimation sets soon.

There will be 4 colors available.


Our sets will have 85 keys.  We will be offering the spacebar in the same colorway as the white in about 2 months.  The cost of the spacebar will be very minimal. 

Our F and J keys are nippled.  We are offering a 1x Windows key.

The cost will be approximately $135.  Other people were able to offer it at a lower price because they did a group buy on it. 

The product, CKS-SHLIV-G81, was for us.  The SHLIV stands for my name, Sheraton Liv.  Do not let anyone fool you that this is their product.  I believe it was wrong that BSP allowed someone to order a small amount, because the MOQ is very high.  I had to order a high amount, and someone jumped on our MOQ somehow.  I have talked with them, and I believe they are going to cancel their order.

Why did I choose these colors?

Everyone loves the original black font set. 

I wanted to do the Olivetti more better this time.

Everyone wanted a Red Alert set in Cherry PBT (or I believe they would want it).

I thought it'd be fun to make a SoWaRe set with green legends!

Oh yeah, I also asked them to put the Pause and Break key on the top of the key, but they did it kind of ugly.  I am sorry about that too.

The green did not come out as how we imagined it, but it is still nice.  It's more Olive.  I was hoping for the Green color in the RGB, but they had to contrast it correctly on the white and grey keycap.  It would have looked like a different green if they used the RGB green on those two keycaps.

Sherry, possible to set a few sets aside without any printing? Only interested in blanks.


--- Quote from: WhiteFireDragon on Tue, 11 June 2013, 17:05:43 ---Sherry, possible to set a few sets aside without any printing? Only interested in blanks.

--- End quote ---

I did not order any of those, but I'm going to get them in soon. 

This is awesome Sherry. I was waiting for you to stock BSP. I will definitely pick up a set when I have the money!


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