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Originative GMK Beige "tab" issues

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I have been considering this for long time.
But the misaligned "tab" key caps is a deal breaker.
My friend said the issues already solved but I am just not too sure about this.
Pic for reference

Shouldn't this be in the originative sub-forum?

here is what my tab key looks like from black on beige

ehhh dat tab
it bothered me a lot at i really don't mind as much
Sure it's ugly, but i think i've moved past it
I do have more original sets with the correct tab so it doesn't bother me really much anymore
I think there could be a solution in the future at some point as well so

Sherryton, care to clarify this if the Tab has been fixed ?


--- Quote from: lowyatguy on Sun, 29 September 2013, 10:00:38 ---Sherryton, care to clarify this if the Tab has been fixed ?

--- End quote ---
it hasn't


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