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3 new GMK sets

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I plan to do a group buy for 3 new keysets.

Help me decide on a third one.  This third set will be limited to just 3 colors.

Poll ends on Friday 6:00 PM PST

I am planning to do other various small packages:

1x Blanks
6.25x/7x Space Bars:
An Eraser Pack,, but with different legends
17 keys White on RGBY set

Greens: 2.75x, 2.25x, 1.75x, 1x Fn
Red: 2 - 1.5x, 2 - 1.25x, 1x Red Esc
Blue: 2 - 1.5x, 2 - 1.25x
Yellow: 2 - 1.25x, 2 - 1x

Coffee and cream!

I wasn't aware of the poll, but a Purple set would be a definite buy for me.



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