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That's a shame.

Due to financial considerations, I postponed entering this, but heard a rumour of its cancellation a little while ago.

Same here, got a mail about my order has been cancelled

Sherry told me when I asked if I could pay through paypal. But I didn't want people panicking and asking back for their money so I never mentioned it here.

If this ever does get a second chance I will gladly be part of it.

Yup got the refund monies already.


--- Quote from: rao2100 on Tue, 04 February 2014, 23:11:57 ---Yup got the refund monies already.

--- End quote ---

That's good, it means everything is on the up.  Hence now it's the wait for the SECOND Group Buy session.

Sherry has never ripped me off and he was truthful when a problem arises, rather than keeping quiet like some on other GB merchant site  ::)


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