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--- Quote from: Pacifist on Tue, 03 December 2013, 22:00:04 ---You can use it, I have no problems. Just find it funny that people want to use my sh*tty photos. I suck at photography

--- End quote ---

Not that it matters, but it's a good photo. I just used the first one I found on the forum.

There is a lot of demand for these LED covers here in the West. You, as a vendor, have the ability to purchase mass quantities and resell them to us. It would bring yet another reason for someone to shop at your business. In regards to the BYOK, these LED covers and LEDs themselves can be an addon option.

As a complete noob, I would say that it would also be very beneficial to include some form of instruction manual with the kit.. that way someone like myself wouldn't feel so overwhelmed by the idea of putting a keyboard together. A solid instruction booklet thing would definitely ease things. (or just email some instructional .pdf to anyone that purchases one)  :thumb:

Wish this was out before I committed to a very large group buy!

Sherry, will you be selling the stabilizers separate? Both costar and Cherry variants?

Teensy or other custom controller by bpiphany/regack.

What about diodes and resistors?

Also any plans to offer soldering gear packs? Like solder, wick, flux etc?


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