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WARNING: The worst customer service ever!

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Please be careful,

My order #1548 shipped to the wrong country, the seller should shipped the package to Baldwin park California same as the shipping confirmation but the tracking number said the package delivered to Singapore tracking number LJ932968767US, after I asked sheraton on the email, then he told me that he gave the wrong tracking number because my billing address is Indonesia but the shipping address is to Baldwin Park California, then I started to confused about his words, what is the connection by shipped the order to Singapore? which is not make sense at all, then after one week I waited but no more reply from sheraton about this problem, so I emailed the shopify's admin and then the admin said that the seller has responded that the package was never shipped to Singapore, the seller told to the shopify's admin that the package was shipped to the correct address in Baldwin Park California. If the the seller really shipped the package to the correct address where is the correct tracking number?, where is the package?, why sheraton never respond my emails ? instead he can fast answer the shopify's admin on email. Then the shopify's admin advised me to start the charge-back process, sheraton act very strange what happened with you, why you must lie to us?  Why you gave me the wrong USPS tracking number LJ932968767US ( delivered to singapore ).

Thank you for placing your order with Originative!

This email is to confirm your recent order.

Date 03/21/2014

    1x Dolch - Winkeyless Modifiers for $25.00 each
    1x Dolch - Numberpad for $25.00 each
    1x Charred Orange for $95.00 each

Subtotal : $145.00 USD

CA State Tax : $11.40 USD

Los Angeles County Tax : $2.28 USD

Shipping : $7.03 USD

Total : $165.71 USD


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