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Noob needs help with techkeys programmable keyboard


Hi so when it comes to this kind of stuff i'm pretty much like a 5 year old because i'm not getting the grasp of this at all.
so i got the techkeys programmable keyboard to use for games and other stuff just to fool around with and basically i've boiled down to two questions.
what are some of the special charters? and how do i program this darn thing?
On the first topic when cycling through the inputs, the 4th one the "special" charters a lot of these i don't know what they do.
for example 5th symbol is like a "(t" and there are two versions, one containing a underline and one not. both are control so why are there two of them? also there are some that i don't know what they even do for example one is just a "M" that dose nothing when pressed.

the second topic, how do i program this thing? really all i wanted to do is change the led's and what they say and maybe dim them a bit. i have a folder that contains the coding for the device and i wouldn't even know how to start to change the image and upload it to the device.

sorry if this has been posted here somewhere i'm new to the forums and my search results would yield any results, but any help is much appreciated

Have you read the main thread about these?  Possibly not as it has a random name :-\  That should explain how to change what the LEDs say (there's no help affter the first post)  I would hope there's a readme in with the code which should explain how to do more, but as I don't have one I don't have the code...


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