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Apologies to TechKeys


This is an open letter to the support team!

I recently sent a somewhat frustrated message regarding a recent order of the Programmable Keyboard Card.
Well, long story short I thought it was dead on arrival.

I blamed the company and requested an exchange only to find out... USB cable was unplugged

Thank you guys for everything and apologies for my mistake!
You guys really are the best. I've never seen a company with so much great interaction with the community.

I really love my new programmable card, even if I still haven't figured out the Tetris easter egg! :p

Keep being awesome! <3


techkeys is a really solid vendor.  i3 has been around this community for ages.  I'm glad you were able to figure out your issue and everything ended positively for you.  :)

If you give up on the easter egg, feel free to PM me for some assistance.  ;)

That took a lot to publicly apologies like that - and is always appreciated, even if we are not fully aware of the background.  Kudos :)

I've also had nothing but positive experiences with TechKeys, and have no hesitation to recommend them to people (which I do fairly regularly).


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