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TechKeys business card


I recently got a TechKeys business card and I'm lost.  What I'd like to do is (if possible) add a few more keys to this device and use it as the host for a custom input panel. Something like a 10key keyboard but not with the keys all in one place, and as many keys as possible.

I've been looking through the source files found in this post but like I said I'm lost.

What I don't understand is how inputs are defined, I assume that in main_techkeys.c  lines 19 through 27 defines what each key does and lines 29 and 30 defines the actual keys. I don't know where  the signal input from the physical device being captured.  Is that what's going on in platforms.c?  If so I see things like r1 through r5 commented (and c1 through c14).  If that is the signal being captured where is it going in the code from here?

I moved this to the sub-forum and hopefully i3oilermaker can get you all sorted out.

Which card do you have?

This one  ATMEGA16U2.


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