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KBDFANS "PEBBLES" 60% Keyboard Review
« on: Mon, 08 March 2021, 10:44:33 »
If you love compact designs, Tsangan/HHKB layout, and aesthetic rounded edges, it's safe to say this board might be a serious contender in joining your collection. The Pebble is just as enjoyable to look at, as it is to use. The convenient Top Mount allows for a secure, yet not stiff typing experience. the popular "Top Mount" style essentially secures the plate to the top housing of the keyboard which creates a nice, quiet and clear sound when typing. The brass plate is a very nice addition to this board, as it emits a softer and more harmonious clack as opposed to the bold and metallic pairing of an aluminium plate. The brass weight on the back gives a nice premium heft to it, much like most other boards at this price range, however, make sure not to tighten it too much as there isn't a lot of space between the weight/bottom casing and the PCB - which may seem as a plus to some users as they don't have to apply foam - it may cause PCB intereferance and unintentional activation of other switches. This was the most prominent problem I've had with the board so far, however, it's an easy fix as all it takes is some light unscrew rotations using T4 for the weight. Additionally, the adjustment to HHKB may take a little bit of getting used to, for some more than others. This board released nearly 2 years ago and at it's fitting $200 pricepoint at the time, KBDFans have removed the Pebble from their website which leaves it to aftermarket prices of anywhere from $275-350 at which I wouldn't reccomend it. However, all-in-all the board itself is a lovely compact pebble shaped rectangle with a comfortable typing angle which rests nicely on your desk and pairs unquestionably well with most lubed and filmed switches on the market whether-it-be tactile or linear.
Thank you for your time.