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TMK IBM PC Keyboard Converter

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My DC-2014 doesn't have any resistors soldered to the Pro Micro (I figured that would be fine with such short wires, but I think the reset pin should still be easily accessible to flash your firmware and it does appear to be wired the same. My general-use Soarer's converter at home doesn't even have the XT reset wire soldered to it ... and that's encased in hot glue now. I really should pry it back out and resolve that though. Worst case, I'll rig up a fresh controller and get back to you, maybe tonight. I'll have to lug the F AT and DC-2014 home from work.

It works without pull up resistors in most cases, you don't have to modify your exisitent converter, this conveter should work if Soarer's does.
XT reset is needed only for Old Type-1 IBM XT keyboard and some of XT clones.

Don't use short wire intead of pull up resistor, it may harm on the pin.

What I mean is that the wires are very short, since I put the converter inside the case of the keyboard. I like to move that one around so I removed the original cable and have a short micro usb extension cable peeking out of the case. The one I have in a hardware store junction box needs to be freed from the hot glue to add the reset wire anyway, so I may as well add resistors to it as well.

Tonight, hopefully, I will get to this. My box jades for a keyboard mod are coming in today as well, so possibly not, but it all gives me an excuse to keep the soldering iron hot.

Sorry about the delay. I don't get enough sleep on weekdays. Here's a fun one. It looks like the K151L worked in both AT and XT mode. Neither the F AT, nor F XT worked. The Leading Edge DC-2014 didn't work either. I did notice that the lock lights did seem to come on if I enabled them from another usb keyboard on the F AT, but the F AT lock light did not work. The F XT spewed out garbled keypresses the entire time that it was connected.

With the F AT, interestingly, it would say it was an XT keyboard until I hit the reset button I added to the Pro Micro. Here's the results of HID_Listen for that board, including after having hit the reset button:

For the F XT I unplugged the converter so that it would stop listening for me to copy the entire text ... it is a long one:

 IBM Model F XT output.txt

Here's the results from the DC-2014:

Here are the results of the K151L in AT mode:

And here are the results of the K151L in XT mode:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you for the report!

As for Model F AT, can you try procedure below?
1. connect keyboard to converter
2. plug it into usb port
When you connect keyboard after usb plugin, the converter tries to recognize the keyboard as possible, but it requires several key strokes and the keys are ignored. You better connect keyboard before plugin to computer basically.

For Model F XT and DC-2014, the converter seems to miss signal, could you try attached firmware?


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