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[IC] White on Red (or reverse RA) base kit - Now named Klaxon

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With the new custom order thing that SP has, I'd like a reverse (WFK on RDD) base kit to go with either of my two RA2.0 mod sets.  Even with only 9 other people, the price seems ok to me, but the reason I'm doing this is to see how many other people would like it, too.

So yeah, put your interest here and how much you'd like to spend.

Here's pricing -

Form to enter your desired keys:

thumbs up! order early and often folks! :)

I think the red was RBV or something. You'll have to ask Ragnorock to be sure. Is this just for the base set with no mods?

Anyway, I'm in for one. :D

i would potentially be in for a full set since i didnt get modifiers but i know that would effectively double the price so i'll just say GL for now :)

If there's enough interest in doing one or two of the mods, too, I have no problem essentially organizing RA3.0...


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