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TMK Alps64 - 60% PCB with AEK and old Alps keyboard layout support

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Yeah, I wondered if you could make it work with ISO AEK...  ;D

Wow, this looks great! :) I recently made a plate with the ISO-supported layout (from an old alps-copy board) but I'm planing to wire the matrix by hand. I'd like to make one of these PCB's to try out. I have the machinery for basic PCB-prototyping at my university and I need to be there anyways. How far along are you at this point? I could maybe beta test it. The 10 mil traces are a bit tough with our basic equipment, but it should be manageable (with some effort).


If it works, I'm all for a mini-GB.  I needs more Alps in my life.

Yeah, I also want some if it works. We need some risk takers :D

EDIT: The cheapest 100mmx300mm PCB production costs $63/5pcs or $74/10pcs and around $22 for shipping.
This makes me think about drilling Infinity PCB and patch with wire, it must be cheap.


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