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[GB]Pheilcia keycap Goup Buy(Galaxy series)

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Hi guys , Thanks for your support these days. We've signed an agreement with logistic company and got a big discount. So, the price gonna be much more cheaper.

included in this set:
Watercolor keycap, Galaxy series keycaps.

- Compatible with Cherry MX switches and related clone.
- Made of PBT ensuring both durability and feeling.
- They're designed according to ISO
- With Dye-Sub printing process
- OEM profile
- Each set is 104 key.

The rule of GB
We need enough buyers to support this GB and reduce the shipping and other cost.
over 40(include 40) The price will be 80$ . The least number  of buyer in this GB is 30
over 80(include 80) the price will be 70$(Becuse logistic company promise us to charge less)

About time
This GB will be end in Dec 15th.
if there are enough buyers, I will spend about several days to collect the information and give you the link to pay for the orders.
If you do want join this GB, Please PM me, or replay me in this thread.then I will collect the information
Once the GB Ending (Including payment). We will begin to produce them.(About 1 week).
We will sent out  the package no more  than 10 days.

- The shipping is free, no matter where you are
- It usally cost 1 week to sent  package to your home(But the specific time  is determined to where you are )
- Once complete produce, we will inform you by email right away. It cost about 1  week to finish them.
- When you fill the mail address.You can fill your Geekhack name.
- I will update my thread to inform you the shipping and confirm your information.

- Deadline for order is in Dec 15th.
-  I'll be sending out invoices within 2 days after receiving your orders.
- If you want to make changes to your order, or have any problem. Please contact us. Or. PM me before it end.

PM is the most convinient way that I can reply you right away.

The shipping will cost about 20$ right now. It is afforded by us. ;D ;D ;D.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford these caps at the moment.

Bye, Pheilcia.


--- Quote from: romevi on Mon, 21 November 2016, 19:02:52 ---Unfortunately, I cannot afford these caps at the moment.

Bye, Pheilcia.

--- End quote ---

Top meme.

By the way,If you like our cute galaxy keycap and worry about the group buy won't accomplish. Just  visite our web.


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