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--- Quote from: jchan94 on Tue, 19 June 2018, 17:30:41 ---All the trackings have been sent out.

A major number of the tracking numbers have not been updated (pending). Our USPS pickup person has left USPS, so today, we'll be taking these to USPS. You will see it move tomorrow.


If you're waiting for a replacement keycap, you will get the tracking today after I finalize the list. You'll get tracking via email on file. If you've changed addresses since then, please notify . I will be holding the replacement keycap shipments for a day before dropping them off at USPS.


This GB should be marked to be completed in 2-3 days.

--- End quote ---


Join the Group here:


* Solarized Dark uses GMK stock colors, in addition to custom colors
* Custom Colors - #93a1a1, #00232c, #073642
* GMK Colors - TU2, RO2, V2, N7, N5, N6, DY, MG1

* Dark Base set 157 keys
* Dark Modifier 27 keys
* Dark Spacebar 10 keys
* Dark Ergodox 49 keys
Global Proxies

* If you're in EU or Asia, make sure to check out our global proxies for preferred shipping & region support!

* Asia Region -
* EU Region -
Shipping Details

* Estimated Ship Date: Approximately 16 Weeks after GB ends

* Distributed by Keyclack Inc. in Los Angeles
* Shipped in Trays
GMK Renders:

FYI: Coloured mods will include stepped Caps Lock and Ctrl

Do the asian and european proxies have separate MOQ's or are they all in the same Keyclack MOQ? Also, will the main Keyclack group buy page order quantities be updated with orders through proxies?

Is there any way to confirm what shipping to Australia from the Asian proxy would be?
I am a bit worried about ordering through a translated taobao but if they can confirm shipping and that it will be ok to order then I may go for it.

What happened to the text only modifiers? (like the ones in Oblivion)

Were they rejected by the designer's preference or is there a wider, community preference for GMK's standard legends?

I'm not such a fan of the standard GMK text+icon, I much prefer the text only or icons only when there is something like Cyrillic. Perhaps I am in the minority?


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