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Introducing the Trader Feedback system

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--- Quote from: haydoselefantes on Fri, 03 April 2020, 12:09:59 ---I hit "enter" accidentally when entering feedback and it truncated my comments.  Is there a way to edit/revise feedback?

--- End quote ---

Huh.  I was poking around and can't find a way to edit the feedback.  :-/  I'd guess it's built that was to "lock in" the feedback so you can't give positive feedback in order to receive positive, then turn around and give negative feedback; or change it at a later time due to some unrelated disagreement. 

It's unfortunate, but as long as the feedback is in the correct direction (positive or negative), I'd say that accomplishes most of the goal of the system.  People checking into someone's history will get the gist of it and be able to judge if someone should be reliable.  :thumb:


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