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[IC] Memphis 25 - The Spacemouse macropad

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Memphis 25
Macropad with Integrated SpaceMouse

A SpaceMouse is a fantastic tool to be more efficient in 3D modeling, sculpting, and CAD. With 6 degrees of freedom, you can easily navigate models or views. Unfortunately, existing products have too few buttons or an awkward layout and can be inefficient to use for keyboard-heavy applications like Blender.

The Memphis 25 solves these problems. It combines the efficiency of traditional typing while offering the SpaceMouse in a convenient position that requires no hand travel.



* Custom-designed PCB with USB-C, integrated USB-hub, ESD protection
* QMK support
* Acrylic, sandwich case
* 1 rotary encoder
* 1 extra USB-C 2.0 port for other devices such as USB keys or another keyboard.

I have made several prototypes with various layouts to find a nice ergonomic balance. Here is a photo of the current prototype I use with a Blender-focused keymap. This sits comfortably to the side of your keyboard or tablet!

What’s Included

Tentatively, this will be sold as a kit that includes: the PCB (SMD components soldered), the case, one rotary encoder, and knob. You will provide your own 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Compact (approximately $150 US), 25 Cherry MX compatible switches, and keycaps. I'm also considering selling this completely assembled, but I need to see what the interest is.

Instructions will detail how to teardown and mount the Spacemouse, etc. You would then solder the switches and the rotary encoder.

(I have also designed a hot-swap PCB, which would require soldering only the rotary encoder. However, note that the switch plate is not secured, so the switches can come out if you e.g., drop the device.)


The switch plate and rotary encoder knob are powder coated in RAL colours. There will be three choices: yellow, pink, and blue.


One of the bottom layers of the Memphis sandwich is a sandblasted copper plate. It has a small aperture through which you can see the surface mounted components of the PCB. With the plate, the keyboard is approximately 800g

Special Thanks

Josh Johnson for patiently helping me to design the PCB. And to the supportive community on the Keyboard Atelier discord.

Funky, but me like

I don't understand the need for a rotary encoder, but otherwise, everything looks great.
Also, do you have any target price in mind yet?

Neat, original idea. Looking forward to see how this turns out

I don't fully understand the utility but it looks great. Good work.


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