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[IC] Keebsake Artisan Tray - (6.5.21 Update)

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Keebsake Artisan Case / Tray
The Keebsake is a premium artisan display case / tray with a small footprint, 2.25u support, and modular inserts (aluminum only).


Had a brass insert made for those who are interested in a brass insert as either their primary insert or as an additional one. Came out pretty epic!

The latest aluminum prototypes arrived! These reflect the final product for the aluminum Keebsake with modular inserts to provide compatibility for different artisan sizes.
Looking for one more round of feedback before running the GB. Greatly appreciate the input! IC FORM:

I am exploring a lid but this may come down the road. Prototype ordered.


2nd round of polycarbonate prototypes arrived. These are not dyed but rather painted.
Manufacturer remaking the smoke color due to some finish issues. The remade version should arrive in a few weeks.
This polycarbonate version will become a budget option vs. the aluminum at the expense of not being modular. In addition to color, 2 formats will be offered for selection – 1u and 2.25u


About Me:

* Hello everyone, my name is Kevin and outside of my career I dabble in music production, photography, and wood-working among other things.
I’ve been in this super fun hobby for a year. It started with a friend raving about his Key65 which led me to buy my first 60%.... an AnnePro2. I then moved on to an acrylic Tofu and a few weeks after that I was buying everything in sight. In the process, I fell in love with RAMA artisans and handmade artisans.
Why Did I Make This Case?

* I wanted a small display for my artisans that had support for 2.25u artisans. Design Inspiration:

* Stream deck / Macropads / WKL …………..let me explain
* My initial prototype was smaller and was inspired by Macropads and stream decks for their angle. I loved the way Alexotos and Taeha would have their macropads sitting on their desks with fun artisans.
* I wanted to find a way to elegantly support 2.25u artisans and match my boards. Enter one of my favorite aesthetics in the keyboard scene… WKL.There Is Another Project With This Name!

* After coming up with what seemed like a great name (a play on keepsakes) months ago, it turns out an awesome person came up with it 2.5 years ago for a neat way of storing their keycaps! JwordFish was kind enough to let me share in the name for the product. Check out his project at which will lead you to his project on Instagram! He is still very much interested in making them a reality and plans to continue prototyping new sizes! He has other ideas up his sleeve as well! Check it out and let him know if you like his project!

Details / Roadmap

* Designed to hold 14 1u artisans or ten 1u PLUS two 2.25u artisans. The slots run larger than the typical keycap size to make room for larger artisans like Ookeys from Hungry Hustlers (They are thicc)
* Aluminum + Polycarb variants will be offered. The aluminum version is modular to allow for customization and increase compatibility down the road.
* The aluminum version is made of 6063.
* The polycarb versions are painted vs. dyed. The finish is great and durable. This is how I am attempting to achieve a budget option.
* ”Keebsake” logo has different placement on polycarb (back of the top piece) vs aluminum (bottom side).Pricing

* TBD but poly will be budget option vs. aluminum QTY

* 50-100 units for the initial run. Pricing will be based on 100 but I will bridge depending on how short. Colors:

* To be finalized but you can provide suggestions in feedback form. Next steps / Road map

* Looking to obtain feedback from the community before running the GB
* If there is international interest please fill out the form and let me know where you are from <3
* Hoping to run May sometime between June - early July but I have to make sure I am 100% satisfied with the project Contact:

* Instagram:
* Feel free to chat with me about the project and let me know your thoughts! Or just say hello…. That’s fun too!

Chicken enjoys

Oh my God, YES!! I need this!!! Beautiful case, very elegant -- definitely getting one  :D

*Update* So I am hoping to get more feedback in the google forms so I have a larger sample size to go off of BUT so far It looks like I need to offer E-white and need to change fonts. I am 100% in support of that. I only used the font I had to test the idea of having the engraving in the first place. Now is a good time to play with some changes since I have a few days before the factory returns from CNY and begins my 2nd round of prototypes. I am going to swap E-white in and pull the gray one out. Also in the feedback form someone suggested what turned out to be an awesome font. Here are some screenshots of the model with the new font:

 I love this new font. Can you guys tell me what you think of this font please?

--- Quote from: MIGHTY CHICKEN on Fri, 12 February 2021, 18:57:47 ---Chicken enjoys

--- End quote ---

Thank you :)

--- Quote from: Arila on Fri, 12 February 2021, 19:00:07 ---Oh my God, YES!! I need this!!! Beautiful case, very elegant -- definitely getting one  :D

--- End quote ---

Haha thank you!

Haha,  SO SICK. Good job :)

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