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[IC] Dharma - a FRL C1800 keyboard by Qoda Studio

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Hey everyone

It's been teased and showing up in keyset renders for almost 2 years now, went through a billion redesigns and was the subject of many "when avail pls" DMs I got.
This is undoubtedly the project I spent most time on and is launching in parallel with my new store. Sufficed to say I'm very excited to present: Dharma!

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Dharma’s design is defined by carefully balanced curves. The side profile swoops up, revealing the bottom piece as an accent. This allows for interesting keyset pairings while giving a sense of depth to the design. Instead of using standard quarter circles on the corners, Dharma has curves slowly accelerating into their 90 degree turn. This gives the impression of the side walls forming one uninterrupted surface, removing any distracting lines. 


Dharma uses a compact yet extremely functional layout. Even though it features a full numpad it comes in just a thumb wider than a TKL keyboard or about 60mm slimmer than a standard full-size keyboard. This both puts the keys closer to the homerow and means you don't have to stretch as far to use your mouse, ensuring optimal ergonomics.


Dharma utilizes a gasket mount system, sandwiching the plate between 12 pieces of custom-cut Poron® strips.  This reduces vibrations while typing and creates a cleaner, more uniform sound profile.


The plate on Dharma provides curated options for normal/stepped caps lock and split/full backspace. Keeping these options limited makes for an easier building process while not creating uneven flex. Dharma comes with a full plate made out of anodized aluminium in the box with full poly carbonate and leaf spring aluminium plates being available as add-ons. Plate files will be made available when the GB launches!


Dharma features a PCB designed by Xelus. Instead of going with a standard 1.6mm thickness we opted for a 1.2mm thick PCB with included risers for stabilisers, aiding in a softer bottom out and more pleasant typing experience. The PCB is fully QMK and VIA compatible for easy configuration and is paired with the standardised USB C daughterboard we've all come to know and love.


Dharma comes in two distinct colour schemes, Minimal and Modern Dolch. These are designed to perfectly match our keysets while still being very versatile for matching with other keycap options.

Keycaps, switches and stabilisers are shown for illustrative purpouses and not included in the kit unless otherwise mentioned.

Colours can be perceived differently in different environments and can differ between units within tolerance.


Dharma will be shipped in a carrying bag, making sure the packaging isn't wasted after unboxing! Waiting on final sample pictures for this one.

Group buy

Dharma will be available in an unlimited group buy directed by Kevinplus from Typeplus who has worked on projects like Vega, Polaris and 7V. It will be sold by these vendors:

* Omnitype for the US
* Qoda Studio for Europe
* Typeplus for SEA
* Dailyclack for Oceania

Pricing and more details to be revealed soon™.



* Layout: FRL Compact-1800
* Material: 6063 Aluminium
* Finishing: Anodising, Electro-coat
* Angle: 7 deg
* Dimensions: 17.87-33.25 x 392.923 x 125.28 mm

* Layout options: Full/Stepped Caps-Lock, Full/Split Backspace
* Material: 6063 Aluminium, Polycarbonate
* Finishing: Anodised, Frosted
* Configurations: Solid, Leaf-spring
* Thickness: 1.5mm

* Layout options: Full/Stepped Caps-Lock, Full/Split Backspace
* Material: FR4 finished with matte black soldermask
* Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.6mm at stabiliser areas with included raisers
* Supported software: VIA, QMK
Big thanks to

* Darin Kishore AKA Saturatedfat, this originally started as a small group project between us and slowly grew into what it is today!
* Kevinplus from Typeplus, this wouldn't be possible without his manufacturing and QC expertise!
* Nephlock for the work on the logo design!
* All the people who DMd me "when avail" over the last 2 years, no seriously it's motivating!


this looks promising, pls price well


So SMOOOVE love :thumb:


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