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Amazon best sellers

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THIS monitor is amazon's #33rd best seller in electronics? (the whole of electronics)

This POS monitor,   you can find $free to $10 monitors on craigslist better than this one.

What are peeps thinking..

Zomg...   this is the  "Most wished for" monitor..

Tp4 am horrified

wow, Tplink dominating best sellers on routers.    their hardware's fine, you get a bargain, firmware/ software is spotty.

These routers are essentially the same,  yet priced $35 apart...  :-X

same cpu/antenna chip. slightly different rgb.

This makes no sense,  why would anyone pay $114 for AC1900 router when they can get AC2900 for $124

The ac2900 is also gen 2 ac vs gen 1 ac on the 1900. Along with a much faster CPU.

it's pretty clear that the majority of consumers don't knows how to differentiate any of these routers.


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