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Amazon best sellers

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Best selling laptop, $122,  celeron , N4020,   Cinebench R15, 144 multi, 78 single,

Tp4's 2016 T460 laptop,   R15,  298 multi, 122 single.  (ebay value, ~ $100)

To be fair, the uhd 600 on that celeron does have VP9 hardware decoding, so it's got much stronger Youtube performance than Tp4's hd520 .

This is somewhat reasonable, but pre_pandemic, something like this would've been $500

like, an intel 8300 cpu + 1660ti from a better brand too.

Airtags seems pretty popular, why do people need these ?

Much of that is simply money.
Remember, Amazon is worldwide, $5 to you may not be much but could be to someone else. Also on a lot of this it really doesn't matter or they have a specific reason.
Most people don't have wireless AC, much less need v2. The 11 in laptop is newer and likely seen as better than an 6(!) year old laptop and to a degree, if you consider battery age, it's not entirely stupid.

But the biggest reason is Amazon itself.
Unless you know exactly what you're after, Amazon is worse than Ebay for uninformed shoppers. Have you tried searching using generic terms to find something, it's HORRIBLE, you get a couple (and I do mean a couple) and then the rest is spammed junk that's not well related, and you know what you're after and on a bigger screen. It's way worse on a cell phone, which is how a vast majority now shop.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Thu, 21 July 2022, 10:26:59 ---Airtags seems pretty popular, why do people need these ?

--- End quote ---
Stalking and tracking.
Track your kids, your spouse... Your ex...

I could totally see someone also tracking their boss who often works out of office as well.
There are some good uses, but there is also a LOT of room for misuse.


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