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Season passes


For fighting games, this is just ridiculous.

purposely holding back playable characters...  no wonder the player base just dies.

Not a big fan of season passes, sometimes its just forces you to play a little more than you'd like to or do some stupid mission to level up. Then arrgghhh, you want to play to get your money's worth so you keep playing and keep buying because you don't want to miss out!!! What a cruel system it is.

I am neither against season passes nor in the favor of it. I let everything flow, naturally.  ^-^

I don't play fighting games but I don't think season passes are any better in any other genre of game. I generally just avoid games that have them, but only if they're needed to actually progress or win. Aesthetic perks are fine IMO, though still a little annoying if they only take real money.

Every time I buy a season pass, I tell myself I am never going to buy a season pass again. Every. Time.


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