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iMav, administrator of this site, has higher priorities right now.  

His house was one of many that was flooded this weekend in Wisconsin due to massive amounts of rain.  He's been offline for about 12 hours now; I haven't heard from him since Saturday night.

Lest anyone feels that he has "disappeared", please expect that he will, at least for a short while, until he gets his life right-side up again.  All of the computers were upstairs (the one that hosts is secured in a data center out of state); I don't expect the computing environment was harmed except for a loss of power.  

Please be patient as we all wait for his return.

That really sucks for iMav. I hope the damage isn't too bad ...

Hope everything's okay.

I hope his stuff survives, and no precious keyboards are lost to the floods

Most of my computer stuff has survived.  I still need to check the workshop out back...that got flooded real good.

Everyone is fine...but I'm probably going to be spending a good $20-30k this year that I hadn't planned on (or budgeted).  :(


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