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Just thought that I would introduce myself.  I'm a keyboard nut and I found this site and started to snoop around. . . took me about 20 minutes to decide that I belong here.  I'm teased all the time by my family, friends and girlfriend by my compulsive purchasing of new, rare or otherwise interesting keyboards.  I walk into the Van shoes outlet at the outlet mall and drool over the keyboards at the register.  I have a penchant for UNIX type layouts and tactile/mechanical switches.

I own:
2x cherry keyboards - don't know the model numbers
1x cherry ml-4100
2x model M
1x HHKB lite
2x HHKB lite 2
1x UniComp Linux layout /black
2x Sun keyboards
1x old/AT BS NEC
5x IBM space saver thin keyboards with trackpoints
2x 1999 IBM space saver model M (non-BS) with trackpoints

I have about 15 others that aren't really worth mentioning like Belkin and MS ergonomic keyboards and Dell Quietkeys.  I have about 4 others in the mail and on their way, like another cherry ml-4100 and another HHKB.  I'm obsessive about my KBs and can get pretty vociferous if someone touches them, uses them, or otherwise moves them without my permission.

Glad to be here!

Welcome inaneframe, I hope you enjoy your stay here. ~


Welcome to geekhack!  

Sounds like you'll fit right in.  I expect to see some pics in the Keyboard pics thread shortly.  ;)  (love to see pics of the "birth certificates" as well...especially with the IBM 'boards)

nice collection. Hope you can provide some reviews of some of the boards that havent yet been reviewed on geekhack :)

Well I have an ABS M1 on the way, I suppose I could review that keyboard first.  I hope it's a real keyboard and not a buttony crappanel.


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