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Typewriter Calculator (concept)

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I love how they nailed the retro look, but seriously, this thing is obsolete from the moment it is produced...


--- Quote from: clickclack;110972 ---test-
... just to see if I can figure out how to post a pic...

well that didn't work =S
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You still have to drag it in and put IMG tags around it.
Like this:

hmmm... lets see how embarrassed I can get :S
I don't even know what any of that means...CRAP! *quickly runs off to do extensive google searches*

Thanks for trying to help,( I really appreciate it) but I dont even know what to drag, or where to drag it to, nor do I even know what an IMG tag is....eeeek! I am a really cool person honestly;) I just have apparently a bunch to learn *gulp*
geez, I hope I am not being a bother.

It's easy once you know how to do it though.

For example, go to your "project Board Chow" post. Hover over the attachment link and right-click it. Select "Copy link location" or whatever your browser has to copy a link instead of just following it.

Now go to the thread you want to reply in and start writing your reply up to the point where you want to insert your picture.
In the toolbar at the top of the message editor is an icon to insert pictures. It sits right beneath the undo button and looks like a yellow picture with two mountains and a litte sun in it.
Click it and a window will pop up. Select everything in the text box, right click the selected text and choose Paste. Now click ok, and there should now be something like this in your text:
--- Code: ---[IMG][IMG]
--- End code ---

When you now click the "Preview Post" button, your image is included in your text.

Also note that you can also include images when you haven't posted your message yet. If you attached any files using the "Manage attachments" tool, you'll see that the attached files are shown beneath the button. You can copy these links and add them to your post as explained above.


--- Quote from: JBert;110996 ---It's easy once you know how to do it though.
--- End quote ---

Aint that the truth!!!
Thanks so much, I really appreciate it:whoo:
That little bit of help made staying up all night trying to figure this out worth it!
This really is a courteous and generous community!

Now back to our previously scheduled topic...(haahaa
anyone remember adding machines? this new age (yet retro/vintage) type writer/calculater/adding machine reminds me of them (but in a much cooler way)...

woohoo! that pic worked too...yay! It's the little things that really complete me.


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