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Filco blank keys on a Scorpius M10

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On a whim, I purchased a blank set of Filco keys.  I don't have a Filco board, but I have a Scorpius M10.

I got the keys in the mail today, and the only place that doesn't fit, key for key, is the right Alt/Win/Context/Ctrl cluster, because the M10 uses letter-sized keys for the Win and Context keys.
The left Ctrl/Win/Alt cluster fits, although there is a small amount of extra space around this cluster.

Since the Filco keycaps fit more snugly on the Cherry switches than the original keys, the key action feels more precise than with the original keycaps. Providing solder issues don't rear their ugly head, it seems like the set of Filco keys with the M10 might make a cheaper alternative to a Filco.

It definitely seems that the keycaps can make a huge difference in the feel of a keyboard, even with the same switches.

thanks for being the guinea pig :)


--- Quote from: o2dazone;111800 ---thanks for being the guinea pig :)
--- End quote ---
Your welcome, I think...

Really, the Scorpius isn't bad for the price, but the Filco keycaps really do improve the feel of the keyboard.

Of course, by the time you buy a Scorpius, the Filco keycaps, and pay shipping for getting the two of them from different places, you've paid almost as much as you would have for a real Filco, without the potential for dodgy soldering, of course.


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