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disruptive ads on geekhack? Or is my computer to blame?

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Ok, I havent had a virus in like forever.

So I was surfing the web today, and everything was fine, and I came by to geekhack, and the following abruptly happened within 5 seconds of landing on the geekhack page.

1. my browser window closed.
2. in its place, was a dialog box: "from webpage: your computer needs to be scanned!!! you are in serious danger!!!" (or something along those lines.)
3. of course i closed the dialog box; then another "fake" window (falsely calling itself 'my computer' and listing fake drives and showing a fake virus scan proceeding) promptly opened. I closed that.

Now, call me crazy, but this feels like a crummy ad delivered from the geekhack page?  It hasnt happened since on any other site...

anyone else see anything like this here?

For a while some of the ads were crashing my tabs in Chromium, but that's prealpha and was unsurprisingly a Chromium bug. I haven't seen a popup but, hey, that might also be a Chromium feature. Bug. Whatever.

Same here haven't seen anything like that. I do see the normal banner adds but that is it.

the only other 'disruptive' ad I got once on gh is one that opened up "full window" and forced me to close it (ugh).

well, i'll do a scan but i dont think its my 'puter...  felt like an ad, esp with the timing (immediately after landing on this site, but not on any other site for an hour of surfing that preceeded it).

wait what?


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