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disruptive ads on geekhack? Or is my computer to blame?

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FF crashes too much and is too sluggish


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wait what?
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lol, seriously, i've been on IE all my life and i've had like 1 virus in 20 years (and that was likely from my thumbdrive).

and yes, firefox feels bloated, is slow, and crashes.

if i were to switch from IE (and i havent found reason to yet) I'd go with opera or something.

yea my NOD32 keeps popping up saying that a website has been blocked and that it might be a potential Trojan. This only happens when I navigate through geekhack. I wonder what's on the site =[

Go with whatever browser you'd like. Sweet justice has been dealt on wellington! More likely than not it has nothing to do with IE8...they've buttoned it down almost too much so I doubt that's the issue.

oh also updating a hosts file helps as a natural filter too


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