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DROP.COM will be shutting down its EU-Warehouse for 2020



"Hey everyone, just a quick update that at the end of 2019 (around Dec 25th) we'll be shutting down our EU Warehouse. Unfortunately the transaction volumes from this warehouse are insufficient to justify the continued operation of it. Two pieces of good news for EU users: 1) We've paid VAT to move everything there, so we'd really rather sell the products within the EU, than move them back to the US warehouse... so all the prices are slashed significantly... Time for some last minute holiday gifts. Second news is that we're exploring expedited, VAT-prepaid shipments to the EU from our USA warehouse. We're hoping to have that up and running by Q1 2020, and I've convinced management (at least initially) to subsidize some of these shipping costs so that pricing would be at parity with our EU warehouse experience. We really wanted the EU warehouse to work but alas it hasn't and we've got to try something different."


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