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Announcing the Battlestations Community on Drop


Hey geekhack - big things going on at Drop that I wanted to share here as well. :)

We've just launched a new community, Battlestations—the first new community for us in a few years.

To cut to the chase, this new Battlestations community will allow us to feature products outside of the two mainstay communities that we've been serving: Mech Keys and Audiophile. We know as well as anyone that curating the perfect workspace is a very personal endeavor, and also non-trivial. Finding just the right thing for your setup can take a lot of work. We hope that the Battlestations community will provide a space for highly-regarded and unique desk items that will be sure to complement the accessories that have already been carefully selected for your setup.

As part of the Battlestations community we also have a new site feature, Deskscapes. Deskscapes allows you to browse real setups for inspiration and ideas when outfitting your own desk.

Alongside the launch of our new community, we have a whole host of auxiliary events and giveaways to share :thumb:

* Doorbuster Sales
* Giveaway (bottom of page)
* Instagram Giveaway
* Discord Giveaways
* Deskscapes Launch


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