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[CLOSED][GB] Fullstop x Key Kobo Motel Keycaps



It is a theme about trip. It is interesting that Fullstop Studio chooses Motel, the rest and entertainment place when travelling, as the main image for the trip theme.


* Cherry profile
* doubleshot technique

Working with Key Kobo, Fullstop's Motel theme is made by ABS plastic with double-shot technique.  On colour scheme, Fullstop features White, orange, blue and yellow to express his feeling about trip. With developing again and again,the final theme looks very vintage and LA style.


When you look carefully on Nov kit, you will know Fullstop has a big picture about Motel. You not only have the shower, the sofas, but also see the road and the beach.  Yes, Motel isn't just a place for sleep! 

With the keycap, JU also designs a piece of mousepad for Motel theme. It is 900x400mm. large size.

GB Timeframe

* 15th - 30th April 2024
* Estimated delivery in JULY 2024
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