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What would a Modern Selectric typewriter look like in the timeless Navy/Cream/Yellow palette?

This set mimics a Selectric typewriter that never was, but could have been. One that would look right at home in your tiny coastal town, sitting on a big oak desk. The navy blue legends sit upon slightly creamy keys, providing a bright contrast that seems to defy the natural darkness of Navy Blue. The golden yellow of YCF on the mods brings out the handsomeness of BBI in a way that no other shade could.

If you are curious about this set's history you can read over the interest check thread.

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Price List

Number of Orders255075100150250TKL$110$95$90$85Planck$40$37$36$35Ergodox$88$75$71$68Numpad$42$32$29$27$25$24Homing$10$8$7$7$7Dvorak/Colemak$32$30$29$27$25$24ISO$26$22$20$19$18$11Eurpopean$55$48$45$44Mac$24$19$17$16$15Specialty$55$41$34$32$30Cape Cod$24$18$16$15$14$13Amity Island$30$25$23$22$21$20
How This Buy Works

Because a larger order results in a lower cost per set, the cost for each set will depend on how many of that set are ordered. You can commit to buy into each set at one of 4 levels. If you commit to a particular level that is not reached that part of your order will not be placed. Everyone will pay the same amount per set.

For Example:

TKL Base sets:

* 50 MOQ @ $110
* 100 MOQ @ $95
* 150 MOQ @ $90
* 250 MOQ @ $85
You commit to 1 base set at 50 MOQ for $110, and 1 base set at 150 MOQ for $90. If only 50 sets are sold you will pay $110 for a single set. If 100 sets are sold, you will pay $95 for a single set. If 150 sets are sold you will pay 2 x $90 = $180 for TWO sets.

This group buy will close on Feb 21.

You will be sent an invoice between Feb 21 and Feb 29. All invoices to be paid by March 7.

Questions? Need to change something after the buy closes? Want to place a large order?

PM Me: skullydazed

Fine Print: Each order will have 4% added to cover paypal fees. California residents will be charged sales tax at the maximum rate of 10%. Shipping will be invoiced separately at the time your order is ready, based on USPS shipping rates from 95066. Shipping is estimated to be June or July of 2016.

Realtime sales graph:

Semi-realtime graphs:


If I filled out to help test should I re-fill out?


--- Quote from: lashiel on Mon, 01 February 2016, 15:53:03 ---If I filled out to help test should I re-fill out?

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Yes. The test form is null. This is the real form.  :thumb:


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